If you want more of me :

Email me at: pachivliza@abv[dot]bg

Or you can always message me inside the game: HeroZero server BG[2]

The name of my hero is Pachivliza, of course!

This is the only server I am playing for now.

Oh and by the way there will be a YouTube channel and a Facebook page- hopefully anytime soon.

So stay tuned! I will link them ASAP. Here is the channel in YouTube:

Be sure to check it up 😉

I will be waiting! Don’t hesitate to write 🙂

PS: I will try to answer everyone. However, if it is something about the game that requires an in depth answer you might find it here- as a new or an existing article. If that’s the case I will wisp you when it will be published/ or link to the one here!